El rencuentro con migo misma..Reencounter with myself….(Ceramic Apprentice in France 2015-2016)

Following my adventurous spirit i arrived on the 5th of October to this lovely village in Normandy (France) Longueville sur-scie to work as apprentice for the ceramic artist Frances Doherty  http://theceramicgardener.com/ who i am very thankful to for giving me this amazing opportunity and adopting to help her at the studio during one year…

studio space

studio space

wonderful work space

Wonderful work space

Today is been a really nice and quiet evening…i really like this space where i just can relax and be inspired…  🙂 preparing all the work that i need to do this weekend, its about slab building , it gonna be a gift for one of the most important person in my life, my mother..;) and the same research of potters like: Grayson perry, Takeshi Yusuda, Edmund de Waal,Bernard leach,Michel Casson…lovely weekend ❤ because what matter is living loving what u are doing.


France 29-oct-2015

-Beautiful and magic<<<<<<<3 watch it!!!!!!! 😉


-Interesting….    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg-N3n1j6Qs





Inspiration: Clay Hilman (dorian sea)

22:00….solo yo y mi voz


nada mas que mi expresion..

contrastes , ruido y silencio

sinestesia de sabores consecutivos

solo…solo.. gracias ati


poema dedicaco a mi profesion y en



This weekend i was doing my experiment with the clay that i found in the region where i living now (Normandy) and trying to transform from wild clay to manageable clay for work with in the studio with it!

This is the process  that i used to do, now you can practice an make your own clay! is a amazing play and be in contact with the mother earth ❤

1. To clean the clay and remove the small stones, you filter the clay through a muslin fabric.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         First time.

Repeat this process two times .


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Second time.

The second try the clay is cleaner than before

2. When the clay is clean still is the water in, in that moment is when we gonna put the clay on a normal fabric and hanging during long time. (slowly process)




Hanging the clay during 2 days, all the water that is in the clay slowly drain out.



4. Last step:


The clay should be a bit dry before start to use,for this reason we put the clay on a plaster board, it will absorb de last water that is in the clay.


This picture show the different Between  both, the right one was drying for one day on of plaster board and the clay on the left side, i just picked up from outside Where all the water drains but still very damp / wet.



This is the first piece that i did with my pure clay, a pinch bowl! we decided to do a small piece and see how it is works in the kill with the bisque fire:









Soon..i will put the information in this blog of how is going this processing of create ceramic from a pure clay.


-This week i start to modelling clay in the wheel, i feel really passionate with this technique of do ceramics, after to many tries i got my best piece which you can see in the picture, so happy with the experience!

IMG_2164 IMG_2163









The clay should be evenly spear, you can see if your throwing is good if the clay is how the right pic show!

A few of pics my practicing on the wheel , is just amazing how the hands can remember the movements for modelling and control of the clay,(memory`s hand, i call it) so when i start to practice i can no stop ahhah because i am getting better with the next one…



Before christmas we been doing sculptures for the new collection, is when i learn different techniques about modelling clay.


Learning and practicing  how to throw a big pieces…

Experimenting about movement……:) with slips….

My christmas presents: basically my fist pieces since i arrived in France


Is time for glazing…!!!!;) and the time to be creative with colours ,  its amazing , when  you can experimenting with glazes a lot and you always will find something different an less . is no interesting, this experimenting process in the ceramic world?

Glazing process teach me to loving to be delicate with the work..because small details make the all thing..



Final pieces.

Mi pinch bowl!!!!!!! is finish and works as a piece of ceramics!! and its got a pinky colour to mis the transparent glaze with the clay! the next step is to try is i can throw that clay!! will see and you will know!!!!!


Me on my favourite place in the studio! the wheel!! 🙂



I been building a few objects with the clay that i got from Dieppe (Normandy) in way way i think this object speak by they own …full os history from long in the past and the present of my life…

This necklaces are very a good stories, there are just 4 in the word and they represent “the loving of living”, i sent each one by mail with a later explaining what it mean for me…to friends that i don’t even know if i will met soon but they mean to me the loving of living….

Sudio life: “como yo digo… la vida no es sacrificio ,es trabajar duro y constante en lo que te gusta y quieres hacer…..”

The way to learn for me is exposing my self to the experience…and helping to do the sculptures it teach me so many thing about what and how clay like.

This 2 pictures represent my time to study and my dreams like do this bowl an instrument…for the peaceful of the soul…( project in precess, haha)

One of the experiment with the glass into the clay, trying to find new ways to do ceramics..

I was so plies to help in this sculptures..maybe favourite ones! ;), they are a wall pieces.

More working in the wheal for Fran and for my practising…the one of the beautiful time in the day is when you are working hard during the day and live give to you this view …<3 so powerful moment!!


It is the project that i most been developing  in my time as apprentice in normandy: “the family”

They way was long here a few of the processing pictures:

Trying to find a method to get the effect that i like for my bottles full of movement .




Here they are just with the biscuit fire, made with stoneware clay.

The processing of glazed and using the wax resist to do they a live… i was be able to work with the kiln and learn how to do it….(electric kiln).

Is a group of bottles which represent the community in dialogue  , they represent the unity of things in life…they seams that speak each other and they are showing the dynamic will of been together as a human …


This was a very short resume of how were my 6 months in France where a met few local people…a few travellers, so many places all around and the most important thing; i found me, my self been in such peaceful place in the country side…because sometimes feel alone( no many people around me and living in the forest…) is the way to find who you are where you don’t have so many distractions…personally and professionally was a GREAT experience….NEVER GIVE UP YOUR DREAMS……

NOW is time to Denmark!!!! see you 🙂 xx




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